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If yes, then keep reading this. There is a long-standing misconception that farm machinery was exempt from road weight limits. This has never been the case. Under current Kamps tractor and spreader 2Wisconsin law, road weight limits do apply to farm machinery, known as implements of husbandry (IoH).  Specifically, vehicles, including IoH, can have a maximum gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds and a maximum axle weight of 20,000 pounds, provided the proper axle spacing. Some of today’s farm equipment exceeds the 20,000 axle weight limitation. While there has been limited enforcement of road weight limits on farm machinery, this is now changing. Several counties have purchased portable scales and may begin education and enforcement activities this year.

With nearly $60 billion of Wisconsin’s economy directly attributed to agriculture, farmers must have a legal way to operate their equipment on roads without the fear of being fined. Senate Bill 509 will do just that.  Please contact your state representative to ask them to support SB 509, IoH legislation. To send an email to your state representative  click here

The Legislative session ends in April, so act now

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