Ag Facts

Did you know…

  • Wisconsin is ranked first in cheese, cranberries, and snap beans for processing, and in ginseng, mink pelts, milk goats, and corn for silage, as well as dry whey for humans, American cheese and muenster cheese.
  • Agriculture contributes 354,000 jobs to Wisconsin’s economy or 10% of the total employment!
  • There are 77,000 farms in Wisconsin and their average size is 195 acres.
  • Dairy contributes more to Wisconsin ($20.6 billion) than citrus to Florida ($9 billion) or potatoes to Idaho ($2.5 billion) economies.
  • Farmers receive 16 cents of each retail dollar spent on food that is eaten at home and away from home.

Learn more Ag Facts and get a copy of the “Wisconsin Agriculture Farm Facts” brochure here: Wisconsin Farm Facts Brochure. Also, visit the study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Extension, “Agriculture and the Wisconsin Economy.”